1st meal with the bird

We’ve been picking at the quart of chicken meat, but it was time to do something more serious – chicken salad. Chicken salad is easy enough to just buy but it’s also easy to make. I checked the fridge for things that might work well in the salad:


I found some carrots and an apple. Mostly that’s just for show though, because as with her turkey sandwiches, Caitlin insists on a strict recipe of chicken, mayo, and salt for her chicken salad.

To make it, chop up the chicken then mix it in a bowl with a lot of mayo and a little salt. Then put it on a sandwich and chop that up, too.

A half quart of chicken made a couple of sandwiches with some left over for snacking the next couple of days.

Other stuff you might consider putting in are things to give it some crunch and/or flavor like onions, celery, apples, tortilla chips, raisins, black pepper, tomatoes… look around, you’ll find something.

1st meal with the bird

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