Caprese and leftovers

Nothing dresses up leftovers like something you’ve prepared fresh (it’s true). Caitlin decided to make a “salad of Capri” to go with last night’s dinner, and it was delicious.

fresh mozzarella
fresh basil
olive oil

Cut up the tomatoes and mozzarella – you’re looking for about a 1:1 ratio. Add basil and salt and mix it up. Top with fresh basil.


Caitlin also likes to throw some avocado in if we have it, which is great.

What to do with leftovers: Toast some bread with some olive oil on it then top with the Caprese and you have a delicious bruschetta.

An aside on how to keep fresh basil fresh – put the basil stems down in a glass (like a flower arrangement), and then cover the whole thing with a plastic bag.

Caprese and leftovers

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